SHAD Motorcycle Box SH59X Black Aluminum




  • The SH59X is the first volume adjustable top box that expands up to 58 litres and has 3 volume sizes to choose from, 46L, 52L and 58L.
  • Each SH59X is engineered to optimise internal capacity providing the space for up to 2 full face helmets, whilst still being the lightest top box in its category.
  • The SH59X Expandable top box is designed for adventures as well as day to day life, allowing you to effortlessly expand and collapse the rigid top box, easily adapting to the amount of luggage you wish to travel with.
  • Every SH59X incorporates a fully waterproof system, made possible by a double profile rubber edge gasket, sealing all points that water could enter.
  • The SH59X top box is a brand new innovative design, that has already won multiple design awards, including The Red Dot Design Awards.
  • The SH59X offers practicality and adjustability.
  • 3 Boxes In One!
  • Size L: The SH59X most streamlined height, at a volume of 46 litres, a a practical size for daily use.
  • Size XL: The SH59X middle setting at 52 litres, comfortably holding up to 2 XXL helmets.
  • Size XXL: The SH59X maximum capacity at 58 litres, allowing the storage of up to 2 full faced/ peaked XXL helmets and small accessories.
  • 46, 52 and 58 Litre Capacity
  • 2 Full Face/ Peaked Helmets
  • 10kg Maximum Load
  • Mounting Plate Included (Bike Specific Fitting Kit Required)
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Impact Resistant
  • Fully Lockable With the SHAD Smart Lock System
  • Simply Removed From Motorcycle With Box Specific Key
  • Lightweight and Aerodynamic
  • Elastic Compression Straps Included
  • Designed in Barcelona

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