Scent Bomb Organic Black Bomb Can 1.5oz

Scent BombSKU: SB-ORGBBOMB-1.5oz



Scent Bomb Organic Baby Bomb Can 1.5oz
For and easy one time solution for lasting fragrance try the Scent Bomb Scent Can.
Just pop the top and place the can in the area that you want to smell great.
Scent Bomb Scent Cans are MADE IN THE USA using top quality fragrance oil and recyclable packaging.
The Scent Bomb Scent Can will last up to 60 days.
Choose your strength of fragrance by using the black adjustable cap on the top of the can.
You can slide it to be open just a little for slow release of the fragrance, or set it wide open for maximum strength.
TIP: To extend the life of the product, rotate the fiber boards inside the can as the strength subsides.
Doing this will allow the fragrance to come out of all sides of the board and give you an extra burst of fragrance.
100% free of enhancers and alcohols
Quick and easy! Just pop the top and place the can in the car or home
Organic Air Freshener
Lasts up to 60 days
Made in U.S.A

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