Repsol Moto Smarter Scooter MB 4T 10W40 1L




  • Repsol Moto Smarter Scooter MB 4T 10W40 1L
  • Semi Synthetic
  • Lubricant specially designed for four-stroke dry-clutch scooters that require a low-friction oil.
  • Its careful formula provides excellent protection against wear, high oxidative stability and maximum engine protection, while guaranteeing the best performance in urban use, with continuous starts and stops, as well as interurban where the motorcycle reaches higher speeds.
  • Optimized fuel consumption, given its low friction level.
  • Low volatility, for minimum oil consumption.
  • High detergent and dispersant power, which ensure maximum cleanliness of all engine parts, increasing its durability and protecting it from corrosion.
  • Excellent shear stability, which ensures the maintenance of the correct viscosity at all times and reduces vibration and engine noise.
  • Optimal antioxidant capacity, which protects against sludge and deposit formation in the engine.
  • API SL
  • JASO T 903:2016 MB
  • Made in Europe

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