Repsol Multivalvulas 10W40 Elite Fully Synthetic 1L

RepsolSKU: REPSOL10W401L



  • Repsol Multivalvulas 10W40 Elite Fully Synthetic 1L
  • High-quality synthetic-based lubricant specifically designed to satisfy the needs of modern petrol and diesel engines. The presence of synthetic constituents provides high chemical stability which, together with its extraordinary performance record, prolong the time between oil changes.
  • Multi-grade, synthetic based oil, shear resistant.
  • Its low viscosity in cold conditions facilitates both starting and lubrication at any temperature.
  • Viscosimetric characteristics that reduce friction, plus low volatility, allowing for reduced fuel consumption.
  • Thermally stable. Resists deterioration longer than conventional lubricants.
  • Its constituents facilitate rapid deaeration, minimizing foam formation at times of high engine rotations.
  • Its start fluidity contributes to the correct functioning of hydraulic valve tappet systems.
  • Good detergent-dispersal power that assures the complete cleaning of engine parts

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