KIC Super Tec Extreme 15W40 MultiGrade 1L




  • KIC SAE 15W40
  • Multigrade SAE 15W40 Diesel Engine Oil
  • Excellent wear and corrosion protection
  • Enhanced engine cleanliness
  • Longer engine pretection
  • Made in Thailand
  • Product Description
  • KIC SUPER TEC Extreme is a high-quality lubricant specially formulated to protect the durability of gasoline and diesel engines.
  • It can be used in a wide range of European, Japanese and US 4-cycle engines to provide maximum performance and protection against severe service conditions.
  • This is applicable to use with mixed fleets where gasoline requirements are less severe
  • Selected high viscosity index improver ensures easy flow at low temperatures and an excellent protective film in the critical areas of the engine.
  • Possesses excellent resistance to oxidation by reducing prolonged oil thickening, sludge and varnish formation.
  • Minimizes deposits on the valves and the piston crown, thus reducing oil consumption.
  • Excellent dispersion properties to control soot and the formation of deposits to avoid clogging the filter, sludge, abrasive wear and increase in viscosity, allowing your engine to work longer in optimal conditions.
  • Reduced Maintenance cost by extending oil drain and engine overhaul period

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