Repsol Elite Injection 10W40 4L




  • Repsol Elite Injection 10W40
  • Multigrade lubricant oil with synthetic base specially indicated for use in modern car engines, whether petrol or diesel powered, due to its exceptional package of additives.
  • Its thermal stability favours lower product deterioration, thereby optimising oil change periods.
  • Another of its advantages is its high resistance to shearing.
  • Due to its low cold viscosity and high fluidity it also favours engine start-up and effectively protects systems equipped with hydraulic tappets.
  • Synthetic Blend Lubricant for Gasoline and Diesel Engines.
  • (API: SL/CF) (ACEA: A3/B3/B4-08) (VW 505.00 / 501.01, MB 229.1)
  • Made in Europe

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