Repsol Moto Sintetico 4T 10W40 1L




  • REPSOLÂ Moto Sintetico 4T 10W40 1L
  • It is the most suitable synthetic lubricant oil for modern 4-stroke engines. It provides maximum protection for medium and high cylinder capacity engines with one, two, three or four cylinders, and ensures the care of all its components and the proper lubrication of oil bath clutches. It is doubtless an oil which enables first-time response from the engine.
  • Multigrade oil with excellent thermal stability thanks to its selected synthetic components.
  • Its viscosimetric properties help start the engine in cold temperatures and aid lubrication at any temperature.
  • It has high detergent and dispersant power, keeping all parts of the engine clean.
  • Provides good friction on clutch discs, preventing slippage and premature wear in joint engine and transmission (wet clutch) lubrication systems
  • REPSOL Moto Rider 10W40
  • Fully Synthetic
  • Made in Europe

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