Pro Honda Genuine 10W30 MA (Gold) for 1L

TenPlus Auto SupplySKU: 08232-2MA-K1LP-V2



Pro Honda Genuine Oil 4T SL 10W30 MA (Gold ) for Motorcycle 1L
Recommended Application: XRM125 (DS, DSX, Motard), Wave110, RS125 Fi, TMX Supremo, TMX125 Alpha
Honda Genuine Oil 4T SL 10W30 MA is A Premium Multigrade Gasoline Engine Oil for Motorcycles
Its SLAPI Rating Offers Higher Fuel Efficiency, Less Harmful Emissions, Better Cleaning Performance and Oxidation Protection
This is Environment-Friendly Oil Protects the Engine from Wear and Prolongs Engine Life While Saving More Fuel
Recommended for Use in Four-Stroke Motorcycle with Wet Clutches

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