Mr McKenic Magic Rust Converter 170mL

Mr MckenicSKU: MMRC-17



Mr McKenic Magic Rust Converter 170mL

  • Mr McKenic® Magic Rust Converter is a high utility product
  • that converts rust (new and old) into a protective black polymeric coating that adheres firmly to metal surfaces, preventing further corrosion. After the conversion, there exists a strong molecular significantly bond between the converted polymericcoated layer and actual metal surface, making it very difficult to remove. As a result, rust stops spreading and the duration of protection is extended. Treated surfaces can be painted over.
  • Converts Rust to a Tough Black Coating to Give Better Wear
  • and Tear Protection
  • Provides Long Term Indoor or Outdoor Protection
  • Easy Application
  • Ready to Use
  • Saves Time and Labour
  • Non-Flammable

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