HJC Urban Cycling Helmet BELLUS MT GL Brown Navy




The BELLUS is our latest road helmet combining HJC’s latest technology and a trendy design. It provides maximum performance in every environment with efficient airflow and aerodynamics.
The BELLUS is the first model to adapt HJC’s SLID technology (Sliding Layer Impact Distribution) to minimize the rotational impact on the brain in the event of a shock.
With Integration between the latest design and technology, the BELLUS will appeal to broader customers with satisfaction.
SELFIT is an automatic self-adjusting fitting system which is a revolutionary technology in bicycle helmet fitting.
A certain amount of air passes through the front air-intake port, then circulates inside the helmet and finally exits through the exhaust port.
The internal airflow is then increased to cool the head and evacuate the heat.
In-mold is a method consisting in bonding the EPS together with the outer polycarbonate shell for greater structural strength.
This improves the rider’s protection by providing a compact reinforcement and gives the product a perfect finish.

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