HJC Road Cycling Helmet Calido Plus Pearl Greyish Silver




  • CALIDO PLUS is the ideal urban helmet with a classic design and various color options
  • Comes with Removable Visor (Magnetic Visor) and Winter Padding Kit
  • The CALIDO PLUS has a removable magnetic visor.
  • It can be easily detached from its original position and placed on top of the helmet, making it easy to use in various environments.
  • Based on an ultra-light weight shell and a comfortable fit, it provides comfort and freshness that has never been experienced before
  • The helmet was made with HJC’s unique technology and designed to match various urban lifestyles
  • Feather light designed and engineered through precise measures to have the lightest weight possible.
  • Density, placement, shapes and materials all play a part in weight optimization
  • 5 snap fitting positions provide consistent fitting and comfort for all different types of head shapes and sizes.
  • A certain amount of air passes through the front air-intake port, then circulates inside the helmet and finally exits through the exhaust port.
  • The internal airflow is then increased to cool the head and evacuate the heat.
  • In-mold is a method consisting in bonding the EPS together with the outer polycarbonate shell for greater structural strength.
  • This improves the rider’s protection by providing a compact reinforcement and gives the product a perfect finish.
  • HJC helmets are tested in the laboratory as well as in “real-life” to meet the highest quality standards.

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