Bosch Europa Black Horn 12v




Bosch Europa Black Horn 12v
Compact size without comprising performance with its wide-angle sound propagation
Volume: 110 dB (A) at a distance of 2m
Suitable for Cars, SUV, Pick-ups, Buses, Motorcycles above 50 cc, Official vehicles
Guaranteed 100% BOSCH Horn - Original and Authentic Horn with OEM Quality
Produces a low bass metallic "beep" that makes high-sound pressure level and great penetrating power
Bosch Horn Supertone have large diaphragm for dynamic effects and further signal range
The Premium Euro Style Solution from Bosch facilitates external mounting with relative ease making it suitable for most premium cars
Consisting of solid mechanical design, the Microporous Teflon filter inside the horn contributes in keeping out dirt and humidity by providing passage of air while repelling larger particles such as dirt and water
With EMC protection (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) that minimizes the amount of electronic disturbance and interference to other electronic components in the car, such as the ECU, in-car entertainment system, navigation system, etc.
Bosch Europa Horns are made with resistance factors to weather, corrosion and impact, making it one of the best horns in the automotive parts market
Bosch Horns are made to ECE (Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nation) standards compatibility.

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