Repsol Leader Super 20W50 1L Semi Synthetic




Repsol Elite Super 20W50 1L
Synthetic Blend
Multi-grade mineral lubricant oil recommended for petrol or diesel car engines, whether or not they are equipped with a catalytic converter.
Its main characteristics include its resistance to shearing and its suitability for cold starts.
It provides excellent service on the road, motorway and in the city.
REPSOL ELITE SUPER 20W-50 meets the demands of leading car manufacturers and in addition to having the right viscosity to work at high temperatures, is characterised by its low consumption and excellent detergent and dispersant properties.
Made in Europe
Synthetic Blend Multigrade Lubricant for Petrol and Diesel Car Engines.
(API: SL/CF) (ACEA: A3/B4) (VW 501.01/505.00, MB 229.1)

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